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Many of you will know the phrase, ‘The Garden of England’, alluding to the wonderful County of Kent, in which I live and work.  My role as Membership Officer at IoD Kent ensures that I meet and engage with many different business people from all over the County.  So, I have always had a very relaxed attitude about Kent, because I think I know it.  That is, until recently, when I’ve been pulled out of my comfort zone.  A few weeks ago I gave a presentation in Orpington, and I found myself looking at the map wondering where Orpington is, namely because Orpington (Kent) does not fall under the Kent County Council remit but a London Borough.  Being a girl without a sat nav, I thought to myself, “Oh, London! I’m going to get lost!” A couple of weeks after that, I decided that I was going to be brave and drive through the Blackwall Tunnel and hope that I wouldn’t get lost as I drove to ExCel for a Business Exhibition, Ecobuild (sustainable construction sector).  Yippee!  I did it.  Yes, I’m a girl (sub text a girl who gets lost), and I can admit this.  In fact, I’m sure lots of men won’t admit when they’re lost.  So, what has all this getting me out of my comfort zone done?  It has given me more confidence that I don’t need a sat nav and I can navigate my way through areas that I don’t know.  So often in presentations, I ask businesses to come out of their comfort zones, so that they will take their first steps into trading internationally or look for new international business.  From these recent experiences, I have been made to feel again what it is like to take your first steps into something new, and you know what, I feel so much better now I have come out of my traditional ‘Garden of England Zone’, because I know I can achieve greater things.  So, let’s throw down the gauntlet to our UK SMEs to come out of their comfort zones and do some great international business!  The world is your oyster.

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