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I’m sure we’re all enjoying the summer, not least victories in major sporting championships , and fine weather.  Hurrah, lots of men cremating the barbecue…. I digress.

On a glorious summer’s day in mid July, I had a business meeting at a local hotel.  When I arrived, I was a little annoyed to see a white artificial Christmas tree with white flashing lights and other ‘seasonal’ embellishments in the main reception area.  ‘Book your Christmas party now.’  I shrugged my shoulders.  ‘Is this really the message I want to hear? I don’t think so.’  Then, the last few weeks, I have had a few annoying emails trickle in from hotels to book the office Christmas party.  I have become even hotter under the collar, and that’s not due to our lovely summer.

Perhaps I am being a little harsh on the hotels who want to get the Christmas bookings in, but there again, they’re just showing me want they want, not what they think I want.

This has prompted me to think even more carefully about our communication with our prospects and clients.  We must be very clear about the value proposition;  target carefully, communicate effectively and deliver consistently.  That way, you know that you will be appreciated and needed.

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